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Why do we provide consulting services?

Studies about resource efficiency in organizations in industrialized countries identified resource saving potentials of 30% to 50%, in newly industrialized countries more than 50%. The utilization of these potentials secures our future in terms of reduction of ecological impacts and climate change.

Our Approach

Caused through the dispute of cost environmental measures and environmental measures the Cleaner Production (CP) approach was developed. In last 25 years CP proved that working on environmental topics and solving the existing environmental problems results in significant cost drop.

CP focusses on resource efficiency of existing technologies, processes and workflows and the need of change of mind of involved people. In 2012 the approach was extended by resource efficiency and is called now “Resource Efficient Cleaner Production”. This to emphasize the focus on resource efficiency of installed technologies without investing in new resource efficient technologies.

Through consequent implementation of the approach the resource efficiency improves many times more than by replacing or change of technology. The approach shows that the change of mind in companies towards RECP is the key for economic success.

This change of mind starts at top management/owner and end at the worhshop employees. A frequent side effect of RECP measures is an increased productivity.

We achieve the change of mind set with our consulting services, training and coaching of the companies about changes through RECP approach.

This enables our clients to achieve an economic profit and further to contribute a respectable share of improvement of environmental status of their companies. Furthermore, this is the base for sustainable development of the clients’ company.

Cleaner Production Center Austria Certificate

Where do we implement this approach?

Actually MMCi & its coopation partners are in Austria, European Union and South East Asia active. But we are not restricted to these markets and welcome any other country.

What strategy do the services have?

The subject areas of the services are diversified. The starting point of our services is the identification of consulting service needs of our clients. The identification determines the project/service scope. The consulting services & projects are planned in a way that teams of adequate experts of MMCI and its cooperation partners are built for carrying out the services/project.
Suggested solutions and measures are developed with company representatives to ensure a sustainable implementation of solutions and measures.

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